2005 Noob Day Photos

     Here are some of the best shots of Noob Day I have so far. Some of them are from Ed and some are mine. If you took any photos on Noob Day, let me know where I can get them at.

I count 49 people in this shot. Add to that number 8 players who weren't in the shot and you have the number of people on the field playing. WOW.

I swear I saw him take out what must have been like, 8 guys from here.

The 2nd generation of airsoft players has already begun to hone their skills.


YAAAAAA!!!!! Right smack into the middle of about 9 guys...

LOOK!!! Billy Barty came to play airsoft with us!!!

How can you spot a noob on the field? They are hiding behind a 6" high stack of wood for protection

This man is on a killing spree...

What? Huh? gunfire from whe...OW!!! HIT HIT HIT!!

YAAAAA!!! Into the Valley Of Death ran the 600...

Now THAT is one hell of a sniper outfit.

Bobo calling the shots....

Be the stump....be the stump...


     Well, there you have them. If I missed a great shot anywhere, let me know so I can add it. .



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