Bad Karma Comics: ORIGINS
Issue #0

Apparently Robert was bored or maybe he actually heard our please for more. Regardless, here is something he whipped up (he is amazingly fast at this). All artwork is done by Robert and keep in mind the original sizes were something like 20"x24". Most of the words are mine (he gives these to me with all the "thought bubbles" empty) with the exception of a few key sequences that he wanted me to put in. The link to Bad Karma Issue #1 is at the bottom of the link list on the side.

If you enjoy this as much as I have, please go to the forums and beg (on your knees) for Robert to keep making these for us...














Thanks again to Robert. Please go beg him to do more of these. By the way, I am keeping all of the originals
so that when he makes it big time, I'm gonna go sell the originals on Ebay and make a gazillion dollars.....well,
not the very first one he ever did for us. I promise to keep that one forever.....