Bad Karma Original Field

     This was where it all began, back in 1998. The first ever structure on the present field. We were still playing paintball at the time and had moved a lot of building material from a former field (see above). We thought it would be cool to have to slosh through the water to get to the thing after it had rained (it was cool the first few times then it got old).

     I'm pretty sure that is Jon in the photo. You cannot tell it from here but what we had was a center tower, 3 stories high with 3 "arms" that radiated out from it. You can see the front two and the back one is on the far right. The cargo netting was 20'x20' sections that Trever scored for us (I forget where from).
     The ladder in the foreground going up to where Jon is standing, is the ladder we all talk about that I sent Russell up to "see if anyone was in there". He got almost to the top when Lee stuck his gun out from behind the curtain that we used for the door and blew him away point blank.....hehe, that was funny....sorry Russell.

     This shot is from the left hand side of the first one and you can seeall th enetting we used. Eventually the front tower (has the blue tarp) was built up a little bit and had a roof put on it. I think we used something like 6 20'x20' sections of net on the whole thing. Overkill yes, but it was our first attempt.

     Sadly, there is nothing left of this historic building except what could be melded into new structures on the field. If you come across any old lumber that is painted green and black (like camoflague) then that lumber has been around since about 1996, so go easy on it.





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Brand New!!!
New photos of the 109 Field
(Thanks to Gidget for theses)

     Egad, but these are old. If anyone else has photos this old, PLEASE get them to me and I'll preserve them up on the website.

Wow...the ORIGINAL VC compound, circa 1993 or 1994. That is a three story tower out in the center and YES several of us have scaled the outside of it all the way to the top and gone over the side to kill people inside it. The center tower was dismantled and moved to the setup below on the permanent field (you cannot see it but it's behind the guardhouse where Jon is) and the rest of the wood was used for other stuff. If you look around the field, mainly the old compound today, you will see pieces of GREEN wood here and there.....they are the remnants of this compound.....

You would be surprised at how many long range kills at the top of that tower were made from this vantage point.

I'm pretty sure the names that I have are correct. Does anyone know who that last person kneeling is? That looks like an AUTOMAG he's holding, so it isn't Jon.
MAN, just look at all of that crap we had to wear and carry around....UGH!!

ARRRGGHH!!! Remember that tent guys!?!?!?! I present to you the very first staging area EVER!!!

Dan....this photo should hold a special place in your heart. I'm 99% positive that that is the infamous Randy, standing there in the center. Quite possibly the second most famous "DAN" story of all time revolves around this guy here. The #1 story involves Dan and an exploding grenade, but we won't go into that here.


THE ACTION!!!!! THE PAINT!!! THE DETERMINATION!!!! Who IS that awesome figure fighting against all odds to make the kill? Why, yours truly, of course.
See how high the banks go? THe water that I'm standing in was the SHALLOW part of the creek, not far from one of the bridges. You had to be very careful crossing on the bridge because you could regularly be shot by people that had snuck up under it and were just waiting for someone to walk by.