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March 16th and 17th, 2019
     Complete Noob Day information can be found here. We nolonger have access to offsite parking due to new management at the track. So, parking is limited to the first 125 cars to get their PARKING PASS for each day. We are allowing as many drop offs as want to show up. We will have a special area up top FOR the the drop offs both days. BUT YOU CANNOT PARK WITHOUT A PARKING PASS.

                           In loving memory of a true warrior and brother
                                                             Eli Stewart

                                               Inducted to Core Team 2007
                                                 Gone way too soon 2017

Within the Hallowed Halls of Valhalla Brother, Hold our table. We'll all be along                                                                Directly


weTHIS $7 DEVICE WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF INJURY WE FACE IN AIRSOFT. A mom recently called me and had a really good idea. We tell everyone at the safety briefings over and over about how important it is for the younger players to wear either a full face mask OR a mouthguard when playing airsoft. We do not require our players to actually wear either of those things if they are comfortable without them. However, we have 3-4 teeth chipped every year. THERE IS NO SMILING IN AIRSOFT GUYS! Or if you must smile at your opponenets, you'd be smart to wear one of these when you play. Just another heads up to our players. The choice is yours, but we HIGHLY recommend that you wear one of these on game days.

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 Bad Karma Airsoft is the 3rd largest Airsoft Field in the country and the largest field of it's kind in the U.S. The field is privately owned and 100% supported by the players who play on it. Bad Karma Airsoft is not a business... just a place to come and play. The field upkeep, additions and maintenance comes directly from the $25 annual field dues donated by the players. There is no other cost to play on the field with the exception of a couple special games held during the year. Once a player has paid their field dues, they can play FOR FREE at any open game or they may reserve the field for their own playdates.
     The field is open for public playdates all year long with the Official Season lasting from the middle of March until the Middle of November.

     The field is the home of the annual "Noob Day" event in March, which is the second largest annual airsoft event in the country and the annual "Colombian Blend" Scenario Game in September.

     The field is open to anyone 15 or older by themselves or 14 and under as long as a parent or guardian is on-site with them. Most field play dates are open to anyone that wants to come by and play, but the field can be reserved for private or "pay to play" functions as well.

     The complete playdate calendar can be found here...